General Civil Litigation

The Close Law Group assists individuals who need help with civil legal issues, often ones that  require litigation. Sometimes it is necessary to take your case to court if the other party will not cooperate. Legal action can enforce your agreement and protect your rights. Civil disputes can involve a variety of issues. Often these disputes are contractual in nature, but we can help with other types of disputes as well, and will file a lawsuit if necessary.

Contract Law

Jason A. Close, Esq. has a business background, and understands the intricacies of contract law. Unfortunately, contracts are not always written clearly, and people do not always uphold their responsibilities as outlined in the contract. If another party failed to uphold a contract you signed, or if you would like to have a contract reviewed by an attorney before you sign it, we can help. We will explain the rights you have under the contract and the protections guaranteed to you by law, and we can fight for your rights if the other party violates your agreement.

Landlord/Tenant Law

Tenants have a legal right to live in a habitable home that is properly maintained, without reoccurring plumbing, heating, or pest issues. Landlords have a right to be paid for the accommodations they provide, and to not have their property damaged. If your tenant or landlord is not upholding their responsibilities under the lease agreement, contact us to see if we can help.

Employment Law

Employees have guaranteed rights under state and federal law. If you are being harassed at work, or denied payment or benefits you deserve by your current or former employer, please contact us for a consultation.  We can file a lawsuit to enforce your rights.

Don’t Wait to Call

Filing a civil case is a decision to vindicate your rights in the court system. Because of the complexity of cases, your case may require a substantial amount of time to complete. Close Law Group will work with you throughout the process to protect your rights. We at Close Law Group believe in fighting for what our clients deserve. If you believe you may have a case, please contact  us right away. There are time limits for filing civil lawsuits, and if you miss the deadline, you may not be able to recover. Evidence can be lost or destroyed over time, so the sooner a lawsuit is filed, the better your chances of recovery. But most importantly, the sooner we help you, the sooner you can put this incident behind you. Please contact Close Law Group today.


Client Reviews

So satisfied with Jason’s expertise

Jason was the most brilliant attorney I could ask for. He was so eloquent and attentive to my case’s needs. He replied to every text and phone call. I am so happy that all was resolved in my favor. Thank you Jason.

- (5 star review)