Jason A. Close

Close Law Group is a boutique law firm dedicated to providing individualized service.  We want to form long-lasting relationships with our clients based on trust, so that we can continue to handle their legal needs for years to come.  We at Close Law Group are tireless advocates, pursuing justice and striving to meet the objectives our clients establish for us.


Before becoming an attorney, Jason A. Close, Esq. earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in 2001 from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas.  He went on to attend law school at the Boyd School of Law, where he acquired his Juris Doctor in 2013.  Jason also worked for years in real estate, mortgage, insurance, and executive-level operations management.  He can help his clients with a wide variety of civil law and business issues.

Community Member

Jason A. Close is a member of the Nevada Bar, and a respected part of the legal community.  He is also a member of the Clark County and American Bar Associations.  He is a member of the LACSN’s 100 Hours Club, and believes in giving back to the community by donating his time to those who need assistance at the Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada.  He fights just as hard for his pro bono clients.  He is passionate about seeking justice, and many of his clients are victims of others’ negligence or intentional acts.  He works to ensure that every client receives fair compensation for their injuries and damages.  If you want personalized service for all your legal needs, call Close Law Group today.